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PRAEDIUM Advisors provides professional services for corporate and individual apartment owners, buyers, and investors in metro Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Through our many established relationships with multi-family investment brokerage firms and our personal relationships with many apartment buyers, sellers, owners, investors, lenders, special servicers, and developers, we maintain or have access to extensive databases of available properties throughout Arizona and acquisition criteria for apartment buyers throughout the entire USA.


Victor Allison's Nine Point, Property Specific Marketing Action Plan

It's important when marketing your property that we do everything that will ensure that you receive the highest price in the shortest possible time. That's why we've put together our Nine Point Marketing Plan.

The apartment marketplace is in continuous flux requiring creativity, diligence, and nimbleness to make deals happen. Not all multi-family properties can or should be sold using identical marketing plans. Being a boutique marketing brokerage without layers of management, PRAEDIUM Advisors is able to adapt quickly and adopt effective, new marketing methods before they hit mainstream brokerage houses. We don't take on more assignments than we can effectively handle at one time ensuring our time is devoted to selling your property until the job is done.

  • 1
    Prepare Your Property For Sale
  • 2
    Marketing Materials
  • 3
    Marketing Database
  • 4
    Active Push Marketing
  • 5
    Passive Marketing
  • 6
    Inquiries and Showings
  • 7
    Status Reports
  • 8
    Contract and Escrow Issues
  • 9
    Closing Issues

First and foremost we listen to you to understand your short-term and long-term investment objectives. Our mandate is to understand you and your apartment and to | AUDIT | DIAGNOSE | EDUCATE | PRESCRIBE | and | GUIDE | you through the sales process.

  • We discuss marketing and any sales confidentiality issues important to you so they can be integrated into our marketing plan.
  • We review current market, submarket, and financing conditions to establish a competitive price for your apartment so it will sell quickly.
  • We identify property value enhancement opportunities that can be profitably implemented before the sale to maximize your sales price.
  • High-Impact, sales motivating, marketing materials are created using direct response advertising techniques to make your multi-family property stand out from competing properties and capture the attention of buyers.
  • Marketing materials include HD video and/or high-resolution digital photographs of your apartment.
  • Two versions of marketing materials are created: a full-color Flyer for the initial contact with buyers that provides just enough information to motivate them to contact us for the complete marketing package. The full-color Offering Memorandum contains sufficient information for a buyer to prepare a Letter of Intent. The Offering Memorandum is never push marketed ensuring we capture the contact information of interested buyers for personalized and direct follow-up conversations. A Confidentiality Agreement is used if appropriate.
  • The Flyer and Offering Memorandum are produced in both print and .pdf formats to adapt to buyer preferences so we can market your apartment by direct mail, email and custom web pages.

We've created a custom, current, and searchable proprietary database of multi-family property buyers and developers. The database can be sorted into buyer sub-categories to ensure your apartment is targeted to the proper prospective buyer group.

New investors are added to the database each week and it is continuously updated for accuracy and relevancy.

Active marketing is the most effective. A targeted marketing campaign is conducted via .html emails, fax, and direct mail and coupled with follow-up phone calls and face-to-face meetings when possible. The campaign is repeated and/or modified at appropriate intervals. The combination of personal calls, letters and brochures used in this program dramatically enhances the effectiveness of our marketing plan. We're proactive: we don't sit back and wait for the phone to ring or emails to come in.

Additionally, we subscribe to several proprietary email Listservers and social media newsgroups that distribute push email marketing messages to thousands of targeted subscribers.

We recognize the importance of working with other multi-family investment brokers on a nationwide basis. The number of prospective buyers grows immeasurably with proper promotion to the brokerage community. We actively push your apartment from the outset of our marketing campaign to the multi-family brokerage community with full acknowledgement that they have access to some buyers not in our database. Again, and unlike some of our larger competitors, we return our fellow broker's calls promptly and treat them with the utmost care and respect. We welcome splitting our commission if it means selling your apartment sooner!

Perhaps the most important tool that we're very adept at using to effectively market and sell your apartment is the Internet. Unless you have confidentiality issues, we place your apartment on multiple Internet marketing platforms. We also create custom web pages on the PRAEDIUM Advisors' website and create HD videos devoted to marketing your multi-family property. This ensures your apartment is available to thousands of investors, real estate professionals and agents around the world.

Depending on the specific characteristics of your multi-family property we may market it in selected local and/or national print media.

  • We respond to all leads and inquiries within hours, not days.
  • I personally represent you at all showings and employ our seasoned salesmanship to facilitate the optimum opportunity for a sale.
  • We assist buyers with financing options if needed.
  • We review terms of all LOIs with you and, as experienced negotiators, we'll draft a counter-offer if appropriate.
  • We do not engage in dual agency representation ensuring we're always negotiating in your best interest.

We communicate with you weekly regarding our marketing activities and results and discuss recommendations for any changes in the marketing program. We're always open to new ideas and suggestions from our clients.

Return Phone Call Guarantee: We'll return your phone calls within 8 business hours or we'll donate $100 to your favorite charity no questions asked.

We coordinate with you, the buyer and their agent, your respective attorneys, the escrow company, the lender, and consultants during contract negotiations, the due diligence period, and the closing process to ensure a successful, "no surprise", stress-free sale.

After the sale we have a detailed conversation with you to determine what we did right and, more importantly, what could we do better with your next marketing assignment.


How to Get Started

If you're an apartment owner that's ready to sell at a price supported by the current marketplace and are prepared to give us that mandate, then we're ready to help you pursue your passions through your investments in multi-family real estate.

To schedule a confidential consultation send us an eMail or call us at 602 320.6200. Do this right now while you're on this page as we don't take on more assignments than we can effectively service. You'll be glad you did! Thanks!

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