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PRAEDIUM Advisors provides apartment buyer representation in Arizona. Through our many established, personal relationships with apartment owners, developers, investors, lenders, and special servicers we have access to multi-family properties throughout Arizona. Our research department scours the public records regularly for advance notice of defaults and foreclosures.

Victor Allison’s Nine Point, Client Specific Property Acquisition Plan

Targeted Acquisition Criteria — Quickly Finding A Property You'll Want to Buy

It's important when searching for multi-family property that we find you the right apartment in the shortest possible time. That's why we've put together our Nine Point Acquisition Plan.

The apartment marketplace is in continuous flux requiring creativity, diligence, and nimbleness to make deals happen. Being a boutique acquisition brokerage without layers of management, PRAEDIUM Advisors is able to adapt and react quickly assuring you are seeing multiple opportunities that match your acquisition criteria so you won't just see the apartments we have listed. We don't take on more acquisition assignments than we can effectively handle at one time ensuring our time is devoted to finding you an apartment that meets or exceeds your investment objectives. 

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    Develop & Understand Your Acquisition Criteria
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    Buyer Rep-
    resentation Agreement
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    Marketing Materials
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    Enormous Marketing Database
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    Active Push Marketing
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    Passive Marketing
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    Status Reports
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    Contract Negotiation & Escrow
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First and foremost we listen to you to understand your short-term and long-term real estate investment objectives and develop a specific, written Acquisition Plan aided by our Buyer Questionnaire that delineates your acquisition criteria and objectives. Our mandate is to quickly find apartments matching your investment criteria and then to AUDIT | DIAGNOSE | EDUCATE | PRESCRIBE | and | GUIDE | you through the acquisition process.

We discuss any confidentiality issues important to you so they can be integrated into your acquisition plan.

We review current market and submarket conditions with you to assure your expectations are realistic.

There are several advantages to engaging an experienced acquisition broker through an Exclusive Buyer Broker Representation Agreement. When we enter into a written agreement we're obligated to use our best efforts to locate multi-family properties that best meet your investment objectives and acquisition criteria. Our responsibilities include:

  • Actively searching for apartments that match your acquisition criteria.
  • Notifying owners, developers, and agents with apartments that may match your acquisition criteria that we have a client who's ready to buy. This includes soliciting owners and developers who are not currently marketing their properties.
  • Winnowing through the myriad of multi-family properties submitted by owners, developers, and agents and presenting only those apartments that align with your investment objectives and acquisition criteria.
  • Analyzing and submitting the prospective apartments to you in a standardized format thereby eliminating unrealistic financial assumptions on the part of owners and their agents and the disparities in their presentation methods.
  • Crafting a Letter of Intent to acquire the target apartment.
  • Negotiating aggressively in your best interest based on our knowledge of current market conditions.
  • Assisting in locating and securing the best available financing (if necessary).
  • Keeping you informed of feedback from the marketplace and soliciting feedback from you concerning our performance.

You deal only with one broker thereby eliminating unsolicited inquiries from other agents and the necessity to re-educate each new agent with your investment objectives and acquisition criteria.

We endeavor to be compensated by the multi-family property owner or listing agent. Responses from owners and listing agents are more positive and timely since only serious buyers actively engage a broker to identify and qualify apartments for them.

If either of us is unhappy with the other's performance, our relationship can be terminated upon 30 day's notice.

High-impact, motivating, marketing materials are created using direct response advertising techniques to make you stand out from competing buyers and capture the attention of owners, developers, and agents. The marketing materials are produced in both print and .pdf formats to adapt to seller preferences so we can solicit multi-family properties by both direct mail and email.

If appropriate, a dedicated web page promoting your acquisition criteria can be added to the PRAEDIUM Advisors' website.

We've created a custom, current, and searchable proprietary database of all the apartments in metro Phoenix and Tucson. We search the database for all the multi-family properties matching your criteria. It's the owners of these apartments that become our primary target sellers and we actively solicit them by phone, mail, email, and fax.

New owners, investors, developers, and agents are added to the database regularly and it's continuously updated for accuracy and relevancy.

A targeted marketing campaign is conducted via .html emails, fax, and direct mail and is coupled with follow-up phone calls and face-to-face meetings when possible. The campaign is repeated and/or modified at appropriate intervals. The combination of personal calls, letters, emails, faxes, and brochures dramatically enhances the chances of finding an apartment matching your acquisition criteria. We're proactive: we don't sit back and wait for the phone to ring or emails to come in.

Additionally, we subscribe to several proprietary email Listservers and social media newsgroups that distribute push email marketing messages to thousands of targeted subscribers.

We recognize the importance of working with other local multi-family investment brokers since it's possible they may be marketing an apartment that matches your acquisition criteria. We actively inform the local multi-family agents of your criteria. It's been our experience that even if you've had a property brochure cross your desk directly from another broker, they may not have presented it in the proper light and you've prematurely discarded an apartment you should be considering. We can prevent this from happening to you.

Due to our in depth knowledge of the Arizona multi-family marketplace, we look at various characteristics of the target apartments to determine which owners are most likely to be receptive to unsolicited offers to purchase. Criteria such as the amount of debt on the complex, its reputation in the marketplace, ownership history, physical condition, current occupancy and rental rates, whether it's been noticed for foreclosure or is under the auspices of a special servicer, etc. go into this review.

We don't take any owner's initial "no" to be their final answer. Even if we can't get their operating data we'll "mystery shop" their apartment and use our experience to construct an estimated proforma analysis. Nothing motivates an owner like a Letter of Intent or, even more so, a signed contract from a qualified buyer so we'll help you write unsolicited offers on the most promising apartments to force the owner into a final "no" or a counter offer.

Perhaps the most important tool we're very adept at using to effectively solicit for multi-family properties is the Internet. We create custom web pages with HD videos on the PRAEDIUM Advisors' website devoted to exposing your acquisition criteria while keeping your identity confidential. This ensures your interest in buying apartments is available to thousands of owners, real estate professionals and agents around the world.

We communicate with you weekly regarding our marketing activities and results and discuss recommendations for any changes in the marketing program. We're always open to new ideas and suggestions from our clients.

Return Phone Call Guarantee: We'll return your phone calls within 8 business hours or we'll donate $100 to your favorite charity no questions asked.

We review terms of all LOIs with you and, as an experienced negotiator, we draft an appropriate counter-offer.

We do not engage in dual agency representation in the event that a seller does not have their own broker representation ensuring we always negotiate in your best interest.

We coordinate with you, the seller and their agent, your respective attorneys, the escrow company, the lender, and consultants during contract negotiations and the closing process to ensure a successful, "no surprise", and stress-free acquisition.

We have a detailed conversation with you to determine what we did right and, more importantly, what we could do better with your next acquisition assignment.


How to Get Started

If you're an apartment owner that's ready to sell at a price supported by the current marketplace and are prepared to give us that mandate, then we're ready to help you pursue your passions through your investments in multi-family real estate.

To schedule a confidential consultation send us an eMail or call us at 602 320.6200. Do this right now while you're on this page as we don't take on more assignments than we can effectively service. You'll be glad you did! Thanks!

Here's What Clients Say About Working with Victor top of page

“We met Victor Allison in 2004. Within one week, he had located a property for us that we acquired. It has performed exceptionally well. Shortly thereafter, he also located an off-market medical office building and successfully negotiated with the seller to gain acceptance of our offer, even though other brokers were telling the seller that they could get a higher price. We have been very pleased with the properties located by Victor and his service to us. We have found him to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and very good to work with.”
Jim Clark, President
Western America Equities LLC

“Victor Allison is the personification of what a good broker ought to be. Knowledgeable in the market area, flexible, creative and tenacious. Whether it was finding tenants or marketing a shopping center Victor was responsive and honest…”
Jack Walker, President
English & Continental Properties

“We wholeheartedly endorse Victor as one of the most accomplished brokers we have worked with in our 30 years of collective experience. Victor is by far the most responsive broker we work with. He is always a step ahead in terms of gathering information to get a transaction done. Victor is thorough, prompt and reliable.”
Francesca Godi and Marino Godi, Principals
The Godi Group

“Victor has been great about showing us opportunities that are right in line with our requirements. He is very creative in solving problems and overcoming objections. His diligence and persistence has helped us complete several terrific acquisitions. A real asset for our team.”
Bret Jordan , Vice President
Western America Equities LLC

“... despite representing a difficult buyer Victor Allison's negotiating skills kept both parties focused on the transaction instead of personalities. We ultimately closed escrow with a win/win situation for both buyer and seller.”
Stephen C. Park, Managing Member
Park / Gibbs Development Company, LLC

“As a NAREmeritus with 50 years of experience, I am most selective of professional relationships. Victor Allison has tried over time to deliver information in a very professional manner. Although we do not represent the public as a broker, Victor's service is a great efficiency device. Receiving only properties information that we are interested in saves much valuable time.”
Charlie Wilson, RIM, CIC, NARE
Metro Investing

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